A Guide to Shopping at Thrift Stores

Date Added: May 04, 2012 09:56:53 AM
Category: Shopping

Thrift stores are like a Pandora’s box of great fashion finds. The best part is that each piece you find is unique, and extremely cheap. There are many thrift stores in every city nowadays, many are hole-in-the-wall, but finding one and knowing how to make purchases will leave you feeling satisfied.


If you don’t know what a thrift store is, here’s a basic introduction. Thrift stores sell second hand goods from around the world. The items are donated as a way of giving to charity, but even people who have the money to splurge have discovered that these places are like a treasure chest of unique fashion finds for less. Plus, clothes at thrift stores often have unique patterns and designs that are hard to find, so you can be sure that when you wear the stuff you found that no one will have the same thing as you.


The most common mistake women make when shopping at thrift stores is that they purchase pretty items just because they’re cheap. At the back of their minds, they don’t really care if a jacket button is missing and due to the cheap prices classify them as “disposable.” In fact, great finds at thrift stores await those who have a careful eye and a little bit of creativity. You can actually find real designer and leather items at even more than a fraction of the price.


One thing you must have while shopping at a thrift store is patience – and loads of it. Often these stores are not organized by size, color, or brand, unlike regular stores. Clothes are hung on a rack and there is often an overwhelming amount of them to sift through. But you can reap the benefits of being patient enough to go through every article of clothing when you find fabulous frocks or designer goods. When you’re at the store, ask around for sale items or any promos. Many thrift stores have sale seasons when things can go for as low as $0.99, or have promos such as 3 items for $5 on certain racks.


If you’re prone to dust allergies, it’s best you bring a mask during your venture to a thrift store. While scouring the racks for pieces that interest you, be sure to carefully examine little details. Check for holes, stains, missing pieces, if it is repairable, and most importantly if these are in good shape. Once you do get items that qualify, check them out at a fitting room. Because some people aren’t comfortable with trying on second hand items, you may simply try them on over the clothes you’re wearing, but this doesn’t guarantee you will be able to see well how good or bad an item can fit.


Once you’ve found items that fit, taking them to the counter will probably surprise you as you’ve paid so little for great finds. Thrift shopping is like an art, and practice makes perfect. The more often you go, the more efficient you’ll be in spotting out goods that are worth the purchase.